Culture of Gomera Classical Guitar

Source of Gomera Brand

Gomera Classical Guitar was made in La Gomera, a beautiful Spanish island,in 1979. The guitar inherits strong Gypsy culture and cultivates Spanish personality of singing and dancing, which results in such classical guitar music as Romance and Pastoral songs. With the sole pure and original Spanish artistic culture, La Gomera is called “the Art Museum” for its unique handicraft.

Strict choice in wood and quality-oriented philosophy

Wood for Gomera Classical Guitar is strictly chosen from worldwide suppliers. Its stability and durability is ensured by neat leveling and natural air dry. We abide by the strictest production standards in making Spanish guitars and make each guitar unique in acoustic properties, on the basis of the wood tone feature and exquisite craft. A complete quality management system is the warranty of every detail and process, such as body binding, edge polishing, nut and bridge height adjustment, and the adhesion of pin and figure board. Strict testing makes each guitar pure in Spanish style and perfect in acoustic properties and playability.

Focus leads to professionalism

Gomera Classical Guitar follows the quality-oriented philosophy, adopts the traditional Spanish craft and aims at retaining the purest and original Spanish style. Gomera workshop only focus on classical guitar making, stick to the only philosophy of “superlative craftsmanship, perfect acoustic properties and strict QC system” in every process, including wood choice, craft, quality and tone, just for a legend in the guitar industry.